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Tim Cowan

1274098 609322285784940 1319617379 o Tim Cowan is a native Washington resident that has been hunting and fishing since he was able to hold a firearm and a fishing pole. Over the years .....

King Marine Canvas

King Marine Canvas 

 From barbeque covers to sports stadium cushions to Washington State Ferry benches. Personal, commercial, industrial and military.We’ve done it all, and we can do it for you.

• All products are made to order, ensuring a perfect fit and ideal suitability for your application.
• Personalized service. Highest quality materials. Handcrafted precision.




Sound Building Supply

 At Sound Building Supply we recognized the need years ago for smaller quantity orders and specialized manufacturing and fabrication services. Everyone has different roofing and construction needs, in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Working with national corporations and smaller family-based companies requires little difference in service. Everyone should receive the same level of customer service, and attention to detail, while still facilitating production in a swift and timely manner. So give us a call, we would really like to talk with you!

Rivers West

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 In the Fall of 1997, shortly after my yearly hunting expedition in the Cascade Mountains of Central Oregon, I recognized the need for a truly comfortable and rugged waterproof fabric. That trip had been the coldest and wettest of my life. Being an outerwear manufacturer for over 20 years and an avid hunter my entire life, I've learned a few things. The latter taught me to bring as much outerwear as I could carry while the former afforded me the opportunity to do so. As such, I'd brought several different jackets that year. Unfortunately, none of them worked. My thick wool jacket soaked through quickly and took hours to dry by the fire. My old vinyl rain slicker worked, but hindered my movement.


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